In October 2016 it was announced that the infamous Calais Jungle, home to around 7000 refugees, was to be evicted and demolished. Buses took 5,000 migrants to accommodation centres set up in some 450 locations around France. The eviction took three days, and the demolition only a few more.

The French authorities say the eviction went smoothly, but Save The Children said that hundreds of children had not been able to register for relocation before the end of the eviction and close of registration. As well as this, it is estimated that 2000 migrants did not register for relocation in France and are now in other camps scattered across the North coast of the country.

Despite attempts by French and British authorities to resolve the build-up of refugees near the ports of northern France, thousands of migrants still remain in the area hidden away in secluded camps, such as those in Dunkirk 45 kilometres to the East. The Dunkirk camp alone had an increase of around 500 refugees following the eviction of the Calais Jungle.